Active V-groove Fusion Splicer

  • 4 motors active v-groove accurate alignment
  • Robust all alloy construction including top cover
  • Economical and suitable for FTTx/ FTTH
  • Automatic ARC & position calibration
  • 1s boot up, 7s splicing, 26s heating
  • Stable performance, average splice loss 0.02dB
  • Inductive automatic heater, industrial CPU
  • Big capacity battery, more than 250 cycles splice & heat
  • Suitable for bare fiber, patch cords, drop cable etc.


Inductive heater
Pluggable battery
Precise V-groove desgin
Metal holder clamp
Ceramic hammer
Fine workmanship


Best in-class Splicing and Heating Time

We pay attention to every part of the splicers, sourcing high quality components to make sure the machines reach the best performance.

Quality Optics

Good fiber images

High-precision V-groove

Aluminum alloy structure

Motor from reliable source

Stable output power

Industrial microchip

Fast & stable performance


Toolbox Dimensions

36CM x 27CM x 19CM

Machine Dimensions

160MM x 136MM x 140MM

Alignment method 4 motors active v-groove alignment
 Applicable fiber SM(G.652),MM(G.651),DS(G.653),NZDS(G.655) BIF G657
Cladding diameter 80 -150μm
Coating diameter 160–1000μm
Cleaved length 5-16mm ( coating diameter < 250um), 16mm
Typical splice loss SM: 0.02dB;MM: 0.01dB;DS: 0.04dB;NZDS: 0.04dB
Return loss >60dB
Splicing program 40 groups
Operation mode Manual/ Automatic
Auto- heating Available
Typical splice time 7 seconds
Typical heating time 18 seconds for 60mm and 40mm shrinkable sleeves
Fiber magnification 250X(X or Y view), 125X(X and Y view)
Viewing display Dual high sensitivity camera, 4.3 LCD Monitor
Data storage 4000 groups data records
Loss evaluation Available
Tension test 1.8~2.25N
Interface GUI menu interface, easy for operation
Battery capacity 5200mAh Li-battery, 250 cycles splicing and heating
Power supply Adaptor, input: AC100-240V(50/60HZ),output: DC11-13.5V
Electrode life More than 4000 ARC discharges, easy to replace
Terminals USB 2.0 port, for software upgrading, records exporting
Operating condition Humidity:0-95%,Temperature:-10℃~+50℃;Wind:max15m/s
Dimension/Weight 160mm (L)×136mm (W)×140mm (H) /1.9kg (including battery)

Accessories in the box

Fiber cleaver
Fiber stripper
Spare electrodes
Drop cable stripper
Power adapter & Cord
User manual in USB stick
Alcohol pump & soft paintbrush